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CSR report - 2016

The GE Hungary annual CSR Report represents our engagement in sustainability and GE’s contribution to the improvement of our local communities.

Download the 2016 CSR Report 
Töltsd le a 2016-os CSR Riportot 

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CSR report - 2015

The first GE Hungary Annual CSR Report draws attention to our efforts done in corporate social responsibility in fiscal 2015.

Download the 2015 CSR Report 
Töltsd le a 2015-ös CSR Riportot 

We are
General Electric

GE employees devise what nobody else before, build things that’s can’t be built and in the process they change the world. GE unites the real and the digital world, helps the advancement of medicine and builds the industries of the future on ground, water and air.
Whether it’s creativity, responsibility or own ideas, everybody gets a chance to evolve, advance and build a career at GE.
At GE’s branches exciting challenges, long-term jobs, pleasant working environment, professional development and competitive benefits await those, who dare to dream big.

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GE businesses

The branches of GE all work in their respective fields to change our future. Click on the icons to get to know their work!
  • GE Global Operations
    GE Global Operations Center
    Spread the future
  • GE Healthcare
    GE Healthcare
    Cure the future
  • GE Lighting
    GE Lighting
    Illuminate the future
  • Baker Hughes, a GE Company
    Baker Hughes,
    a GE Company
    Fueling the future
  • GE Power
    GE Power
    Powering the future
  • GE Water
    GE Water & Distributed Power
    Clean the future
  • GE Aviation
    GE Aviation
    Fly the future
  • GE Capital
    GE Working Capital Solutions
    Solve the future
  • Current
    Transforming the future
  • GE Digital
    GE Digital
    Digitize the future
  • GE Energy Connections
    GE Energy Connections
    Save the future
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Recruitment Process

„I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent it.”
– Thomas Edison

At GE, we collaborate beyond the borders of hierarchy, industry and country to create brilliant answers to the world’s most pressing challenges. And today we are on the verge of an exciting new era. One where the marriage of technology and industry will mean BIG changes—for our businesses, our customers, and the great big world we serve.

We are looking for the next generation of pioneers, problem solvers, dreamers and leaders to drive that change. People with the curiosity and courage to learn and lead at the same time; to join a legacy of innovation and write the next chapter.

The future is unfolding today at GE. And your future could start right now.

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Step by step


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Online application

Search for an open job today and apply online by submitting your résumé.

Your résumé will then be reviewed by our Talent Recruitment Team.

Phone screening

If qualifications and job experiences match, you may be invited for a phone screening by Talent Recruitment Team.

Personal Interviews

Senior leaders and/or recruiters will then conduct behavioural event interviews with candidates using competencies identified that are critical to the role.

AC: At this stage, you will be invited to one of our GE Assessment Centres, where we will spend half a day with you, looking to identify the “real you” and see what you are made of!


If you’ve made it this far throughout the interview process, the next step is when you will be made an offer over the phone!

GE CV Generator

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Good to know

A few hints & tips:

Understand the role you are applying for.

Do your research on GE and our internships.

Make sure your resume is up to date, easy to read, and clearly outlines your education and any work experience.

Ensure you meet the minimum eligibility criteria and answer all questions provided.

Take your time with your answers. A rushed application does you no favours at all.

Ensure your referees are aware that they may receive a call to discuss your background.

During the personal interviews /
Assessment Centre process:

Be yourself.

Dress for the occasion (that’s business attire for those unsure).

Do your research prior. Make sure you understand our business, our products, our size and scope.

Be on time, as first impressions are very important.

Bring questions with you. This is your chance to learn about us, just like it’s our chance to learn about you.

Enjoy the time with us.

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