Conservation of energy also protects our environment.


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At GE Energy Connections we don’t just create power, we deliver it. We don’t just make electricity, we make progress. This is where energy is transported, converted, automated, optimized and made reliable. We strive every day to make it better, faster, safer and more efficient than anyone on earth. Uniting all the resource and scale of the world’s first digital industrial company.
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Energy makes life livable. It heats our homes. Lights our schools. Feeds our people. Keeps us safe. And enables the everyday moments we take for granted. That’s why we view energy, and our role in it, from a human perspective. In more than 150 countries, GE Energy connections supports the industries that keep our economies running and the businesses that ensure continued growth. We connect the brilliant machines, grids and systems that deliver energy to the people and places that need it most.

GE Energy Connection operates in Hungary at three different sites – Budapest, Ózd and Gyál – employing more than 1500 employees in different areas. The Ózd factory deals with producing circuit breakers and safety-equipments. Our new site was opened in July 2015 in Gyál. This new warehouse and distribution center operates on 17 000 square meters to ensure the professional service of European, Middle Eastern, Australian and Asian customers by using the newest technologies. The Customer Service representatives working in our Budapest office are the primary contacts for GE Industrial Solution customers. Working hand-in-hand with Sales, Manufacturing and Logistics organizations, they coordinate order fulfillment from order placement to shipping parts to ensure customer satisfaction. Besides Customer Service other European functions are also operating here such as supply chain, finance, quality and IT.

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