“The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison.”


James Cash Penney

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We work to deliver better outcomes for our customers, shareholders, and the world through creating a better, faster, simpler GE. We’re a company in motion that’s improving its strategic execution with speed, competitiveness, commercial intensity and digital capability, empowering its employees through an integrated culture change.
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  • GE Global Operations Center
  • GE Global Operations Center
  • GE Global Operations Center

Together on a
journey towards

Global Operations Center brings together teams of experts offering integrated shared services and allowing GE Businesses to free up capacity and resources to apply to growth in the 175 countries GE operates in. We work as one team, globally focused on making GE great. The company is on a journey to grow in markets around the world, by focusing on improving our ability to serve our customers and simplifying how we do business. It was established in 2011 with the key goal of simplification to make GE more customer-focused and competitive.

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