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The people of GE come up with solutions never seen before, build things never built before and in the process they change our world.

GE merges the real and the digital world, advances the development of medical science and the industries on the ground, water and air.
Whether it’s creativity, responsibility or custom ideas, everybody gets a chance to build their career while helping to change the world in the process.

At GE exciting challenges, long-term jobs, and a wide range of benefits await those who dare to dream big.

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The branches of GE all work in their respective fields to change our future. Click on the icons to get to know their work!
  • GE Global Operations
    GE Global Operations Center
    Spread the future
  • GE Healthcare
    GE Healthcare
    Cure the future
  • GE Lighting
    GE Lighting
    Illuminate the future
  • Baker Hughes, a GE Company
    Baker Hughes,
    a GE Company
    Fueling the future
  • GE Power
    GE Power
    Powering the future
  • GE Water
    GE Water & Distributed Power
    Clean the future
  • GE Aviation
    GE Aviation
    Fly the future
  • GE Capital
    GE Working Capital Solutions
    Solve the future
  • Current
    Transforming the future
  • GE Digital
    GE Digital
    Digitize the future
  • GE Energy Connections
    GE Energy Connections
    Save the future

CSR Report - 2016

The GE Hungary annual CSR Report represents our engagement in sustainability and GE’s contribution to the improvement of our local communities.

Download the 2016 CSR Report 
Töltsd le a 2016-os CSR Riportot 


CSR Report - 2015

The first GE Hungary Annual CSR Report draws attention to our efforts done in corporate social responsibility in fiscal 2015.

Download the 2015 CSR Report 
Töltsd le a 2015-ös CSR Riportot 


Pro-bono Handbook

Instead of reinventing the wheel every time, we decided to collect all our best practices and know-how on volunteering to share it for public use. Special thanks to the experts of GE, Generali, KPMG, Laboratory Group and Weil for developing this document pro-bono.  

Download the Handbook

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